US employment growth slowed in September

The US employment growth slowed in September, as employers outside agriculture added 156,000 new jobs, which is the weakest growth since May. The expectations of the economists were for a little over 170,000 new positions. The greatest stimulus for employment growth came from the services sector with 67,000 new jobs and healthcare industry, where were appointed 33,000 new employees. The restaurants and bars contributed to the US employment with another 30,000 new jobs in September. The data for August were revised upward from 151,000 To 167,000 new jobs.

The average hourly wages grew by 2.6% yoy. On a monthly basis the increase was 0.2%, which corresponds to the forecast in September the average hourly wage in the private sector is 25.79 USD.

On Wednesday came the data on ADP and Moody’s Analytics, according to which the private sector outside agriculture added 154,000 new jobs in September. The unemployment rose from 4.9% to 5%, as expectations were level will not change.

The broader measure of unemployment, which includes Americans stopped looking for work and those who work reduced hours, but not willingly, but because companies can not afford to employ a full day remains unchanged at 9.7%.

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