US private sector employment grows in June 2016

The US private sector employment grows more than expected in June 2016, supported by new jobs in small businesses. The private sector added 172,000 new jobs, while the economics had expected an increase of 159,000. The data of private sector employment in USA for May 2016 were revised down, from 173,000 to 168,000.

The new appointments are revived last month after the Spring standstill. The employment growth remained stable with the exception of the energy and manufacturing sectors, which are highly dependent on trade. The big multinationals are experiencing some difficulties, and Brexit will not help, but small and medium-sized companies continue to hire people.

More than 95,000 from the new jobs opened in June are in small companies, where work less than 50 employees. In comparison, in May small businesses have generated 84,000 new jobs. The medium-sized companies (with 50-499 employees) added 52,000 new jobs, while the large companies opened 25,000 new positions.

In different industries, are observed various trends. New appointments in construction for example decreased by 5,000 in June, after May had increased by 9,000. In the manufacturing sector, new jobs decreased by 21,000.

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