Diving Watches: Which Features are Essential?

Diving watches are more than a way to tell time while you are underwater. They serve a number of purposes and that means your watch has to have the right combination of features. Here are some of the more important features that you want to look for when shopping for one that is right for you.

A Superior Water Proofing Rating

Diving IWC watches must be water proof and capable of holding up against the pressure that comes from being underwater for longer periods of time. What many people don’t know is that there is a rating designed to help buyers get an idea of how well a given design will work at various depths. This is known as the water proofing rating. Your goal is to determine the rating associated with any watch that catches your eye and make sure it’s sufficient to work with the type of diving you have in mind. If not, move on to the next possibility.

For any type of diving, you want a watch with a rating of at least 100m. This means all the watch functions will work at a depth of up to 100 meters. When you plan on diving excursions that are at greater depths, go with a watch that is made to hold up well at 200 meters.

A Face That’s Easy to Read

A watch face that you can read readily on the boat does not necessarily mean it will be read easily underwater. Look for watches that allow you to see everything even when there is only a small amount of light to work with. This is important, because you will need to be able to read and use all the features during the dive. That includes timing your ascent and remembering to make brief stops as you rise to the surface.

Those timed stops allow your body to adjust to the change in pressure and minimize the chance for bubbles to develop in your bloodstream. All it takes is one bubble reaching your brain to lead to serious if not fatal consequences.

A Bezel That Works Every Time

The bezel rotates around the clock face and makes it easier to keep up with your dive time. This is important since it helps you have an idea of how much oxygen you still have and when the time is approaching to return to the surface. That takes the guesswork out of estimating how long you’ve been under the water.

Take your time when choosing the right diving watch. Look over different designs and make a note of what additional features are included. Research any watch that captures your attention and find out what other divers think of the design, the function, and the durability. It won’t take long to find one of the Corum watches that happens to be perfect for your use and is also within your price range.

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