Why You Should Use A Windows PC To Build Your New Business

Lots of entrepreneurs like to build their new businesses using an iMac. I think they’ve spent too much time listening to the hipster Silicon Valley crowd. If you follow in their footsteps you might end up sorely disappointed.

Instead, you should opt for a Windows PC when you’re building your business. It’s not going to guarantee you succeed, but you will find it easier. There are lots of benefits you’ll get to enjoy, which we’re going to look at now.

1. More Software Is Available

If you’re building a business you’ll sometimes have to use specialized software. For example, you might want to use real-time bidding or post on social media automatically. The software will definitely help you succeed.

Unfortunately, it might only be available on Windows computers. Developers know more people use the operating system so they’ll make more sales. There will always be a bigger choice available too.

2. Syncing Between Your Devices

Everyone tries to compare Android and Apple smartphones. In reality, personal opinions don’t really matter. Look at the stats and you’ll see Android is the most popular mobile operating system.

When you run a business it’s likely you’ll want to sync your devices due to the large number of benefits. If you’re one of those people with an Android Phone it will be easier to do if you have a Windows computer.

3. Business Always Comes First

If you look at any Apple computer it’s easy to see looks come first. It’s designed for those who care about aesthetics, whereas Windows computers focus on business. It’s the reason why most companies still use them.

Think about the SSD size and amount of RAM you’ll get in a Windows PC. It will dwarf how much you get in an Apple one. A MacBook won’t help very much when you need lots of speed and storage space for business tasks.

4. It’s More Familiar To You

Apple would win an attention advertising test because of their looks, yet they still have a lot less market share. Nearly every single person in the country has used Windows in the past even if it was at school.

You’ll have a bigger chance of succeeding if you use something that is familiar to you. It’s not worth learning a new operating system. You’ll have enough to deal with working out how to run an online business.

5. A Windows Device Is Cheaper

When you start a new business you don’t want to spend lots of money. You’ll be shocked if you look at the price of Apple devices. It’s easy to pick up a Windows PC or laptop without breaking the bank.

You need to think about the long-term too. Windows computers are a lot cheaper to get fixed. After a certain amount of time everything breaks. If you lose your laptop working abroad it’s also cheaper to replace.

Windows Is The Best Choice At The Moment

It’s hard to say if Apple will improve in the future, but a Windows device is the best choice right now. If you’re starting a new business you know it’s going to serve you right.

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