World trade after US presidential elections

World trade has stalled, which could be seen even before Donald Trump to win the US presidential election. But now one of the main growth engines of the global economy can go further down, as during his campaign, Trump declared against TPP and said he would take his country’s major trade deals that would inflict a serious blow on tariffs for goods from China and Mexico. The countries have two of the largest trading partners of the United States, which definitely will strongly affect the economy.

The global economy, international trade and financial markets face an uncertain new world with new leader (USA). This will likely lead to isolation of the country.

Meanwhile, Trump many times called for a review of NAFTA, which is a free trade deal between Canada, Mexico and USA, claiming that the agreement “destroyed the country”. The new US President promised before that will renegotiate or even “cease” completely the agreement. The experts say the rupture of NAFTA would be devastating for all the three economies and it is unclear exactly is USA will benefit from such a move.

Two other major international commercial transactions, which were concluded during the mandate of Barack Obama, are also threatened. Trump did not conceal his dissatisfaction with the agreements as Transpacific and Transatlantic trade partnerships, of which the new head of state seen as an obstacle to American workers.

However, experts believe that Trump can keep some of his threats that he made during the election campaign and not put them into action.

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