WTO has no indication that USA is preparing to leave

World Trade Organization (WTO) has no indication that USA is preparing to leave the organization after the start of Donald Trump’s mandate.

“I think at this stage we must prepare for this conversation”, said the Director of WTO, Roberto Acevedo. Acevedo reported that US is a very important partner of the organization in attempts to reinvigorate the world economy. “Even if the US leaves the organization, it will continue to work for the removal of barriers to free trade”, added he.

During his election campaign, Donald Trump suggested it may take USA out from the WTO. He has already said that his inauguration would suspend participation in the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership and would rather work for bilateral agreements with countries in the region.

The liberalization of trade relations but for years criticized by anti-globalist movements. So often explains the transfer of jobs from the US to China and Mexico.

According to Acevedo, Trump is wrong to blame free trade for job losses. ”

If you do not correct diagnosis will not have the proper treatment”, said Roberto Acevedo. “The protectionist measures will rather harm and in fact will affect the poorest segments of the population”, added he.

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